Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How to Write Ignou Project

A Project/dissertation is a thesis; basically a document published by a prospect in support of his certification that presents his results. But, writing dissertation is not at all a fairly easy task. It takes day and night efforts to come out with a full fledged and strong synopsis. A project which may seem to be excellent to you may seem to be just reasonable to the examiner. Therefore, this tedious task consists of a lot of planning and a careful thought, before you begin so here we are taking a example of Ignou psychology project . Now read the step by step procedure of how to write ignou psychology project report for your course

How to start with your Ignou Project?

Clear your mind and let ideas peep in it. Once you will start thinking about your topic, you will come across your mind. Therefore, it is usually suggested to write those ideas on a paper. An idea which may well not seem to be exciting for you at the first can definitely make an interesting statement. Therefore, just write down all the ideas. You can also consider literature, internet, etc. for finishing the topic. And never choose the subject that appears monotonous for you as the chances of that project to get complete may be void.

Synopsis for the project.

Today, that you will be sure of the topic on which you will write, prepare the synopsis. This part of project should highlight the region of the research, seeks and objectives, the research methodology, scope and limits any hurdles faced during the research period and last but not least resources and recommendations (any book, journal, regular that you have used or referred to while carrying out your project).

Study Technique

After the review of literature, you require to highlight the research design and methodology used in the research process. The research design could be either quantitative, qualitative or mixed involving both qualitative and quantitative design. It will point out the speculation (tentative assumption on which the research is based), research questions, sample size (no of men and women on which the research was taken out), and discuss the participants.

Data Collection & Analysis

We come to a conclusion only when the data is gathered and analyzed, hence you need to plainly state in your dissertation that which methods were used to acquire data and how were they analyzed. There are various ways by which data can be gathered, probably the most commonly used method are - Interviews or Questionnaires.


The major findings, conclusions, and advice are discussed in this last part of the text. An investigation report must point out that the research objectives, on the basis of that the research was carried out, have been accomplished. Moreover, the report should be well-organized, logically structured, and evidently and lucidly written.

The above mentioned tips can surely help you in drafting a good Ignou MAPC Project. But, make an effort to get your project properly examined by a professional to avoid any sort o flaws in it.