Ignou MARD Project Topics of 2020 21

What is Rural Development

Development from the Distant Region is among the significant elements for the development of a nation's economy. There are more than 910 villages in India and most of the rural places and blocks are in Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. Most of these regions rely on agricultural growth and small businesses according to handicrafts, fisheries, poultry and dairy farms.

There are certain policies, regulations and rules, issued by the ministry of rural development that targets growing the rural businesses. Project Bharat Nirman introduced by the Government of India in cooperation with the State Authorities and Panchayat Raj Institutions is an outstanding step towards enhancing the living and life of villagers.

Despite the rural lifestyle providing the reassurance and luxury of absolute joy, its own economic growth remains a question mark when compared with urban lifestyle that's advanced and educated in all facets.

If anybody sees from outside Rural growth in India looks easy for the Authorities and government but in real it is a big task that's had them maintain on feet and run from pillar to post to lessen the difference between the urban and rural India. There is a huge gap between the urban and rural regions in India, together with the latter seeing high per capita income, higher quality of living, employment opportunities, modern infrastructure, connectivity, better livelihood opportunities, better living comforts, technologically-equipped arenas and much more.

Ignou MARD Project

If you're having difficulty in writing a fantastic thesis statement for your Ignou MARD project, you do not need to be concerned about it today, as the next informational text will supply you with a concise guideline for composing effective projects and synopsis very quickly.

Suggestions for Writing Successful Project

It's merely a claim that's encouraged in the coming project Paragraphs including all of the facts and statistics that you may narrow your project statement's credibility. Now, you understand exactly what a project statement is, Here we are going to tell you what both major characteristics of project statements are:


To begin with, it must submit a claim.


Secondly, it shouldn't be from your private thought.


Now, let's talk some topics for your Ignou MARD project:

You can select any topic regarding your MARD project with the help of the internet or by the suggestion of your supervisor. The other option is Ignou releases few sample topic every year which will be helpful for you to understand the theme of your subject:

Example Topics of Ignou MA Rural Development Course

  1. Role of Rural Banks in the Empowerment of Farmers
  2. Role of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in Educating and Empowering Women
  3. Role of Communication For the Development of Rural Women With Special Reference to Self-help Group
  4. A Study on Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and Its impact on Rural livelihoods
  5. The Status of Dalit Women in Rural area
  6. Impact of Integrated Child Development Services with Regard to the Social and Physical Development of Pre-Schoolers
  7. A Study on the Role of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act on Women empowerment


Now, keeping in mind the aforementioned told topics by Ignou Synopsis, find a topic based on a rural theme where you'll also provide the reason for picking out the theme.

Once you will select the topic, show it to your guide or supervisor, this is the reason why we place much strain on the right process of composing Project. Just like the MARD there is PG course also available and the subject code for the Ignou PGDRD project is RDD5 You do just two things for composing a fantastic Project work, first; browse the internet and collect all the data relevant to your topic and, second; you need to go through the aforementioned told process for writing project work for rural development courses.




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